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The Great Panacea: How to Think, Feel, Vibrate and Create Ultimate Health is a layman’s guide how to simply and easily utilize your own energetic healing abilities to heal yourself structurally, chemically, and emotionally with the power of energy medicine. Read some reviews!

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My book “The Great Panacea: How to Think, Feel, Vibrate and Create Ultimate Health” is a layman’s guide how to simply and easily utilize your own energetic healing abilities to heal yourself structurally, chemically, and emotionally.

Example chapter from “The Great Panacea”


In a word, it is – YOU!

Let me explain. The term panacea comes from the Greek goddess of the same name. Panacea was the “goddess of universal health.” She traditionally had a poultice or potion with which she healed the sick. This brought about the concept of the panacea and medicine, a substance to cure all diseases. The term is also used figuratively as meaning “something used to solve all problems.”

In this book, you will be introduced to the energetic concept of how you think – you feel, and how you feel – you vibrate and how you vibrate – you create. You will learn all about how to do that because you are already wired that way. The best part – it will be fun and easy! In the chapters to come we will be talking about something called “The Triad of Health.” This refers to the three aspects of health: structural, chemical, and emotional. We will be going into great detail on the “Triad of Health,” and you will be shown how to balance it.

How these things tie together is that YOU and your personal choices and the way you think, feel, and vibrate, create your health. YOU are “The Great Panacea!” It’s not something you take – a food, a pill, a class, or a treatment. You don’t need anyone else – it’s YOU. You are powerful! You are not a victim of your genetics; you have an amazing amount of control over your health on every level. It is a mix of science and alternative concepts and a bit of “woo woo” too. Truth be told, “woo woo” often is just something that we don’t know why it works because current science and technology can’t explain how it works yet. Are you ready to find out how awesome you are? I CAN’T WAIT TO TELL YOU – LET’S GO! 

The Great Panacea Book Reviews

In my quest to find health and happiness I have read many, many books and watched countless health documentaries, only to be left with more questions than answers. The Great Panacea does a great job of tying all things health related into one book. This book leaves nothing out! From nutrition to quantum physics all topics are covered in an educational and entertaining way. This is a great book for beginners as well as those who have been reading and researching all the latest alternative health books.

-Eileen Hanafin


Finally, a “self-help” book that doesn’t feel like a self-help book! As a registered nurse who has been working in both the physical and mental aspects of health care for the past 25 years, I have longed to find a resource geared towards both patients and providers that addresses the complex and intricate relationship between mind, body, spirit, and soul… and Dr. Briska has delivered just that. Not only does she beautifully lay out a framework for understanding how our thoughts, feelings, experiences, and bodies work together, but she does so in such a way you feel like she’s in your living room sharing a wonderful cup of coffee with you! If you’re looking for an easy to understand, holistic approach to taking control of your health and well-being, then “The Great Panacea” is for you.

-Kathy Rood R.N.


As a fellow Chiropractor of 20 years, it is my pleasure to announce that one of my esteemed colleagues has found an invigorating strategy to explain the connection between body and mind. The way Dr. Briska can make brain-draining science digestible then wrap it in a package of “woo woo” humor, it’s truly a gift to us all.

The Great Panacea allows readers to discover the keys to their own health while walking with Dr. Briska through her own personal journey. Page after page, this book will awaken your spirit and inspire you to make real changes for your well- being. The Great Panacea serves up a main course of nature versus nurture, with a slice of empathy, and a 2000 calorie slice of humor. Kudos to you, Doc!

-Marie Skwirblies DC


Dr. Briska‘s book will keep you engaged to know more about how you can understand that energy affects our whole being. The Great Panacea is a glimpse into how your body is a marvelous self-healing machine and your thoughts directly affect your body’s well-being.

-Jaime McCane, Scalar Technology Specialist and Certified Life and Health Coach


The Great Panacea by Dr. Briska describes aspects of health and wellness in a simple way that can easily be understood by all.  With topics that aren’t know well by most, Dr. Briska explains with humor and wit. I’d recommend this book for anyone that are looking to improve their health and overall well-being.

-Dr. John Spalla D.C.


Have you ever started to read a wellness book and have become so overwhelmed and frustrated that you just stopped reading? I know I have and “The Great Panacea” is the antithesis of that book! “The Great Panacea” feels like sitting down with a good friend who divulges all their wellness trade secrets to you! Dr. Briska enlightens the reader regarding the dynamic human body with wit, humor, and thought-provoking quotes; all which help the reader incorporate the teachings into their daily routine. Anyone who is looking for an inspirational book on how to promote and maintain their highest well-being should read this book.

-Karen Glaza, MSW, LCSW


Jill Briska D.C. uses her own personal health journey and professional experience to encourage us all to open our minds to the body’s amazing potential for healing. Her passion and humor make this empowering resource an entertaining read for anyone wanting to heal their bodies and maintain wellness!

-Aubrey Wittke


When I first heard about Dr. Jill Briska’s new book, The Great Panacea, I was very excited to read it. Dr. Briska has long been my health practitioner of choice and advisor in all thing’s health related (and sometimes non-heath related). I trust her expertise, knowledge, and her insights and guidance in all matters relating to health and well-being. I also know her as someone with a witty communication and writing style and knew the book would not only be filled with great information but would also make for an interesting read. The subject matter is something that has always interested me, and I knew she would bring a fresh perspective to it.

First, one of Dr. Briska’s many skills is organization. This book is divided into mini chapters that are each great nuggets of information that don’t overwhelm. They are easy to digest and keep you wanting more, much like your favorite snack. Because of this, I think the book is an easy read for everyone interested in a new approach to their health. 

Second, her explanation of health as a Triad involving Physical, Chemical, and Emotional components that all matter greatly, is something that I believe is lacking in traditional approaches to medicine today and so important to explore when facing any health challenge in your life.  She has divided the book into these three sections and goes in depth into each one in small bites on a myriad of subjects relating to each Triad.

Third, Dr. Briska’s book is empowering. As she explains, YOU are the Great Panacea and have the ability to heal yourself with the right guidance in how to go about doing that. You are your best advocate, and you have the ability to create the outcome you want in your health.  How many times have you been frustrated when going to the doctor because they don’t really hear you or consider your own intuition, nor do they consider factors involving the emotional aspects or chemical factors? They don’t treat the whole you. New science is supporting so much more beyond just the physical and Dr. Briska explores all of those factors in her Triad, but she puts you in the driver seat in your journey to improving your own health. Enjoy the book and the ride to new ways of looking at living a better life!

-Karen Kohout


In my quest within publications for a fresh perspective on real health benefits, I happened upon a book by Dr. Jill Briska called The Great Panacea. It stressed the importance of each unique individual in their own health journey from emotional positivity, superfood selection, and the real cause of cholesterol to name a few topics. It incorporates the fragmented topics often seen in magazines into a cohesive, easily understood structure. Everyone can understand how the pieces work together and how to integrate the knowledge contained within the book to work towards better health for themselves. I liked the explanation of how western medicine can work together with energy medicine to create a healthier, positive individual. Ultimately, I believe that is what we all want to become. This book is worthy of the time it takes to read it.

-Grace S


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