Addiction System


Introducing Flourish Quantum Healing Home System. This scientifically researched, proprietary combination of many powerful systems and techniques addresses your specific Addiction. Over Dr. Briska’s 20+ years of being a chiropractor, she has found each of the systems/techniques incorporated into this program had aspects that she liked and disliked. Combining techniques and adding her personal treatment experience gives the best streamlined protocol and eliminates the drawbacks.

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Components of Addiction System

  • Tote bag
  • Back arch
  • Treatment enhancing meditative music
  • Cotton rounds and swabs
  • Red laser treatment pen/batteries included
  • Informational Binder/Addiction
  • Daily journal for your specific Addiction
  • Bio-available multi-vitamin/mineral supplement
  • Lavender oil
  • Basil oil
  • Treatment vial for your specific Addiction
  • Small canvas zip bag

Additional Vial purchase includes: 

  • Treatment vial for your specific Addiction
  • Daily journal for your specific Addiction

Due to the medical nature of this system, we offer no returns or refunds.

Additional information

Addiction Type

Alcohol, Smoking, Opiates, Food, Pornography, Gambling


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